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Merchandise - Product Detail

by Jack Hasling At thirty-nine, Andy Tucker is too old to be a hippie but too young in mind and spirit to let the revolution of the 1960s pass him by. He hears the words of Bob Dylan;the times they are a-changin; and he wants to be part of the scene. His mid-life crisis kicks in right on schedule. Hillview College is mecca to the instructors and a haven for students of all ages who come to seek direction in their lives. Christine Hartford, the unhappy wife of a conservative industrialist, discovers she is not as dumb as her husband tells her she is. Her heightened awareness leads to domestic conflict. When a Navy corpsman produces evidence showing Agent Orange to be a toxic substance, Andy becomes involved in the war protest movement. Not all of his students appreciate his sentiments, particularly a Vietnam veteran who comes to class with a gun.

Item: 059518103
Price: $15.95


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