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Buffalo Nickel: A Memoir
by Floyd Salas

Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly: Salas's fiercely eloquent account of growing up in a family roiled by drug addiction, crime and suicide is a scorching read. He idolized his older brother Al, a professional boxer who popped in and out of reform schools and prisons for pimping, selling bootlegged liquor and petty theft. Their oldest brother, Eddie, a Harvard-educated pharmacist, committed suicide, tormented by his bisexuality and angry at the father who had rejected him. Moving from a Colorado mining town to Denver to a California boomtown and finally to Oakland, Calif., during the Depression, Salas eked out a living selling crucifixes door to door to support his pregnant teenage girlfriend, whom he married. Al, a junkie, pushed him into the ring and tried to lead him into crime as well, but Salas ultimately spurned the brother who let him down, and went on to become a successful novelist. This pounding novelistic autobiography, punctuated by the suicides of several relatives and friends, climaxes with a boxing match between the two brothers, in which they figuratively spill their guts. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Price: $9.95
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by Floyd Salas

Product Description The rough and tumble prose and life of Floyd Salas gives body and guts to these poems of love and desperation. Here, the seasoned boxer, street dude, ex-hippy and ex-pachuco bares his heart in a genre all but forgotten by today's skeptic and minimalist poets. What Salas has not dared diplay in his muscular pose works, is here throbing, uncompromising, vulnerable and raw.

Price: $8.00
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Driving Face Down
by Doren Robbins
Price: $13.95
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Facts in Fiction
A study of peninsular prose fiction: 1859-1897
by Lilia Hernandez Chung (Paperback - 1998)

Price: $10.95
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Ginseng and Other Tales from Manila
by Marianne Villanueva
Price: $9.95
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Going Home to a Landscape
Writings by Filipinas
by Marianne Villanueva

Price: $17.95
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by Jack Hasling At thirty-nine, Andy Tucker is too old to be a hippie but too young in mind and spirit to let the revolution of the 1960s pass him by. He hears the words of Bob Dylan;the times they are a-changin; and he wants to be part of the scene. His mid-life crisis kicks in right on schedule. Hillview College is mecca to the instructors and a haven for students of all ages who come to seek direction in their lives. Christine Hartford, the unhappy wife of a conservative industrialist, discovers she is not as dumb as her husband tells her she is. Her heightened awareness leads to domestic conflict. When a Navy corpsman produces evidence showing Agent Orange to be a toxic substance, Andy becomes involved in the war protest movement. Not all of his students appreciate his sentiments, particularly a Vietnam veteran who comes to class with a gun.

Price: $15.95
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Hitler's Death Camps
by Konnilyn G. Feig
This book sheds the light of understanding on one of the most horrifying and inhuman episodes in history. Drawing on her first hand visits to all 19 primary concentration camps, on her contact with survivors and former Nazis, and on 20 years of study, the author brings the perspective of a historian and scholar to her quest for the meaning of the holocaust.

Price: $34.50
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Love Bites
Poetry in Celebration of Dogs and Cats
by Floyd Salas

Price: $15.00
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Mayor of the Roses
by Marianne Villanueva
Asian American Studies. "There is a disarming immediacy to these stories, most related by a young Filipina emigrant to the States, about a search for what should be accessible-home, family, history-but proves so rarely nowadays to be so. These are moving, finely crafted tales"-Ehud Havazelet. Born and raised in Manila, Villanueva currently teaches writing and literature at Foothill College and Notre Dame de Namur University. Villanueva is also the author of GINSENG AND OTHER TALES FROM MANILA (Calyx Books 1991).

Price: $13.00
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