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650-949-7305 : General Information
650-949-2062 : General Information (Fax)
650-949-7283 : Online Orders
650-949-7283 : Computer Sales

Textbook Coordinator:
650-949-7307 : Roberto Sias

650-949-7308 : Romeo Paule



Students are sent an email on the first day of class with access instructions for their course so the course material is accessible on day one.

Students have until the add/drop date to opt in to the program.

How It Works:

  • Inclusive Access includes E-book plus with learning and homework platform access required for your course.
  • All enrolled and waitlisted students will be notified via email prior to the start of class with access instructions, the discounted pricing and information on opting in.
  • The access is free through the add/drop date. After that, all enrolled students who have not opted-in the program, dropped the course, or made the payment to Foothill College Bookstore will have their access terminated. Students must pay online ( or must come to the bookstore to pay for the access before the two week free access expires.
  • As a further benefit, discounted copy of print book is available via Print upgrade on the condition that Digital Access payment is made.

Questions? Inquire at

Inclusive Access Program Classes (Fall 2019)

1. Accounting 01A, 01B, 01C ( All Sections)- Access Code e-Mail by:

2. Accounting 058 ( All Sections) Access Code:

3. Art 001 (Holland Joy)

4. Biology 041 (Hawkins, Philip)-

5. Business 011 (All Sections)

6. Business 018 ( Wong, Tai & Firenzi, Gina)

7. Business 022 (All Sections)

8. Business 059 ( All Sections)

10. Business 060 ( All Sections)

11. Business 061 ( All Sections)

12. Business 087 ( All Sections)

12. Computer Science 03A (Geri Lamble)

14. Health 021 (All Sections)

15. Math 010 (Tomutiu, Maria; Oruganti, Shobha; Francisco, Marnie; Papay, Lauri; Jazdzewski, Kritin; Florero Salinas, Wils, Litrus, Mathew; Witschorik, Charles

16. Psychology 001 (Tuttle , Nick)

17. Psychology 014 (Villanueva, Voltaire)

18. Psychology 040 (Tuttle Nick)

19. Spanish 001, 002, & 003 ( All Sections)


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